Men and women have to look at the principle of dress code

A person to others the most intuitive feeling is his dress and mental state. Simple atmosphere of the dress will make people look more spiritual, and slovenly dress will make you a lot of points. In the workplace, men and women have to understand a little dress, or would like to raise wages Social Sciences programme?

Men and women have to look at the principle of dress code

Conservative VS sexy

Sexy appearance is very charming, but only applies to professional occasions. Of course, sexy is not a female proper noun, many men also exist feminine, romantic dress style. Such as wearing JACK & JONES lotus leaf trim, purple shirt. Just sexy more likely to appear in the female body. Survey shows that wearing sexy will damage women in other people's minds of credibility, people back away. Compared with the women who are not sexy, in the eyes of men and other women, their ability to work will be greatly questioned.

Conservative does not mean that "in the workplace should not wear beautiful", everyone in the dress to consider the need to ask yourself a few questions:

What am I going to achieve here? What is my long-term goal and what is the short-term goal? What do I represent, or who do you represent? Myself? my company? I do this line my country? With my sexes?

In most workplace situations, especially young women, wearing sexy than taking a conservative need to take greater risks.

Survive VS casually

Compared to foreign countries, the Chinese workplace dress is chaotic disorder. In addition to most of the multinational companies have quite a clear dress code, many companies do not have strict office dress standards. On the surface these companies give their employees the greatest degree of freedom, in fact "casual" dress is a workplace trap, because it is easy to change into "casual".

People through a person's wear to determine his socio-economic status, family background ordinary people are vulnerable to arbitrary dress code damage. In the absence of any professional guidance of the case, free to dress into three or six, etc., virtually labeled. Those who come from the mediocre are easy to lose the opportunity to become a supervisor in unknowingly. While women are more likely to be victims of casual dress.

The survey shows that professional women are more likely to be challenged by others in those days when they wear classic American language. In the three categories of "dress code", "dress free" and "male dress strict and female casual" three types of companies, also have a master's degree or 5 years of work experience in the level of female salaries can be found, dress code is more stringent In the company, women pay more than 20% of women who dress up freely in the company. While women in the third category earn the least. In general, the management of these companies that women's performance can not be compared with men, not so enterprising.

However, if not just your colleagues, and your boss is usually very casual dress, and you wear conservative and professional, it is easy to be seen as the lack of team spirit. Here are some effective anti-casual principles, such as wearing and your colleagues to keep in line at the same time, as your team in the more traditional, more professional wear of the wearer. Spend time and energy on casual wear and work wear, and try to buy casual wear in the best store.

Functional VS specialization

Almost all industry sales staff know a word: to wear and your customers the same. But this sentence is not right?

You can see Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln and other luxury business car sales staff to wear neat, one by one like the appearance of corporate executives, it is because they face the customer is the richest business community community. Research shows that the same brand with a model of the car, if the sales staff of different images, sales will be very different QV Baby cream.

When you let people pay for something, time, if you look from their group, they will be more willing to accept you. In psychology, one of the principles of influence and convincing others is similar to them. People always prefer those strangers who seem to be similar to themselves.

Therefore, the veteran of the veteran of the workplace know that dress is functional, we need to their professional roles and work activities as a series of operating units, each unit there are different needs and objectives. Our clothes should be designed to help them achieve the most efficient work.

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