Thieves know thieves

Long Wu Dong retired after the first thing, is the police uniform, all locked into the closet.

Liu Mixiu said that there must be, play hard wall like wild.

Long Wu Dong eyes stare, how no need, you do not say that the guests were scared of this body clothes it?

Liu Mixiu scare off the guests not only the body clothes, and you thieves general eyes Neo skin lab skout.

My eyes thief Long Wu East is not convinced, called a righteousness!

More than just a righteousness, I wash those police uniforms are washed out of the sleeves breeze! Liu meters show mouth tall up, that your thief is lifting you, only thieves know how to prevent thieves! This is the source, a field of channeling staff to the dragon Wu Dong area check out some children, not yet started, was caught by the dragon Wu Dong.

Secretary asked Long Wu Dong, how do you know he is a thief?

Long Wu Dong said that his eyes thieves ah Neo skin lab skout

Secretary looked at the dragon Wu Dong, according to such reasoning, your eyes are more thieves, only to make a face to know how to eat bowl of rice.

Political commissar in the side to add, should be the old saying goes, thieves know how to prevent thieves.

Thieves know thieves this story so spread.

Long Wu Dong embarrassed rubbing hands, difficult for you, with me to prevent so many years of thieves, even a person who knows the words are not.

What kind of communication between women, chewing the tongue only. Zhang Jiachang Li short, the family has a police officer, or the director, who dared to come home that is sick, trouble is bad, it became a suspect.

At present, the dragon Wu Dong is not in its bit naturally do not seek their politics, and gradually have the guests to stop.

This is just the opposite of the other people to step down after the other cadres are mansions cold car horse, dragon Wu East home, anti-vehicles such as water as a dragon. Those giants come and go, sitting in the same water, are to ask the dragon Wu Dong catch those bad things.

Small town bad guys, the number of fingers can be clear, the dragon Wu Dong when the director so many years, can mention the feat on the table is also very few,

The most worthy of the town of mouth, is the scars stick that time, scars sticks of the brave people know, he showed the carry spring knife, dragon Wu Dongliang is not handcuffed, not baton , But not a pistol, he showed his chest.

Scar sticks eyes clearly flashed a trace of Qie Yi, his face was fierce, I believe you do not believe that a knife to give you a big hole.

letter! Long Wu Dong eyes staring at the scar sticks Neo skin lab skout.

Do you keep my money?

Money Long Wu Dong sneer, money is sometimes dead road, man-made financial death you will never heard of.

Scar stick hand trembling a bit, it is enough, the dragon Wu Dong's hand quickly grab the front, a move empty hand wins white edge, scar stick spring knife off his toes, move the stone hit the foot, hit that later, Scar stick walking a little bit on the short step.

Foot short does not matter, the road is on the line.

The road is not positive, no one knows, detained from the place, scars stick to the provinces and cities to discuss life, rarely appear in the town.

People in the provincial capital, fame still stay in the town, eat Jianghu rice, which is not a goose named.

Long Wu Dong is in the first 10 days of retirement in the streets met Scar stick, dragon Wu Dong said, back?

Scarb stick feet a bit, do not welcome?

Long Wu Dong laugh, leaves fall roots, how not welcome.

Welcome to sit at home? Scar sticks with these provocations, we have an account between the account of it?

When a lifetime of the police, the dragon Wu Dong do not want to have a lost account of the reputation. Once again flashed chest, dragon Wu Dong head before the road, scars stick lame lame in the back.

Watching the lively people decorated a lot of behind, scars stick eyes swept everyone everyone, ye, want to add a new account with me? In a word, everyone is waiting.

How the two accounts are, no one knows.

Town people only know that the scars stick home to re-open the fireworks, the first day, there are three people who come home, and then ran away with the wall root. The next day, there are people in the eyebrow eyebrow eyes looked at the door, followed by quietly detour and line.

On the third day, people are coming in the evening, the dark night of the night, it is occasion, but why, three long and two short marks just sounded, scars sticks of the door open, full of yard lights vent out, bright as day, Appropriate, outsiders panic and fled.

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